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Shows and workshops - Inner Flame Dance

Shows, Events and Classes for every occasion

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Shows and entertainment for young and old

Companies, municipalities, private individuals and associations: you'll be captivated by the Dance of the Inner Flame, a bodily expression fused with music.

Whether you're looking for a show or an animation, you'll be invited to experience a moment of symbiosis between sound, movement and light.

Depending on your theme, Sekhamet will propose an adapted intervention to your needs:

Services combining escape and well-being

Dance and entertainment: art isn't just a pleasure to admire, it's also a gateway to ourselves!


  • Performances: with other artists, or solo, to liven up your events, or as part of extracurricular activities in schools, hospitals or private homes.
  • Walkabouts: add a touch of magic to your event! Fire, light or soft shows and unforgettable photos with your participants.
  • Workshops and Animations: dance the Inner Flame or other educational workshops (culture, listening to oneself, imagination) can be offered in extracurricular contexts or other events focusing on children.

Founder of the Flamme Intérieure association (FR), Sekhamet donates a minimum of 10% of each performance to the association. Flamme Intérieure aims to promote the development of self-awareness and body awareness through artistic creation: each performance contributes to the well-being of children and adults alike!

The world of Sekhamet in pictures

Sekhamet offers performances in which fire and dance apparatus are approached in a mystical way: combined with the Dance of the Inner Flame, the practice of fire dance and the performing arts meet meditation. In symbiosis with the music, it becomes a visual meditation for the spectators as much as it is for the artist, who literally melts into the music.

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Dance of the inner flame - free dance, pagan atmosphere

Inner Flame Dance - Outdoor with fan veils.  Energic classical electro ambiance

Dance of the inner flame - free dance without and with buugeng. Tribal atmosphere