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Shows, entertainment and Coaching

Companies, local authorities, private individuals and associations: Discover a world where art meets well-being.

Whether performed as part of a mastered improvisation show, taught as a group in your structure or as part of a private coaching group, immerse yourself in a universe where transformation and fascination mingle with authentic movement.

Depending on your needs, Sekhamet will offer you the service best suited to your requirements:

Services combining escape and well-being

Dance, events and classes: art isn't just fun to admire, it's also a gateway to ourselves!

  • Performances: accompanying other artists or performing solo at your events, or in extra-curricular, hospital or private settings.
  • Walkabouts: add a touch of magic to your event! Fire, light or soft shows and unforgettable photos with your participants.
  • Workshops and events: dance the Inner Flame or other educational workshops (culture, listening to oneself, imagination) can be offered in extracurricular contexts or other events focusing on children.
  • Coaching: your story needs a tailor-made response. Your needs and your experience form a unique combination: Sekhamet will be happy to find the most appropriate transformational process for you. 

Committed to childhood

Founder of the Flamme Intérieure association (FR), Sekhamet donates a minimum of 10% of each performance to the association. Flamme Intérieure aims to promote the development of self-awareness and body awareness through artistic creation: each performance contributes to the well-being of children and adults alike!

The world of Sekhamet in pictures

Sekhamet offers performances in which fire and dance apparatus are approached in a mystical way: combined with the Dance of the Inner Flame, the practice of fire dance and the performing arts meet meditation. In symbiosis with the music, it becomes a visual meditation for the spectators as much as it is for the artist, who literally melts into the music.

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Dance of the inner flame - free dance, pagan atmosphere

Inner Flame Dance - Outdoor with fan veils.  Energic classical electro ambiance

Dance of the inner flame - free dance without and with buugeng. Tribal atmosphere