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Animations and Workshops

Let dance your inner Flame !

Animation and Workshops

Are you a representative of a local authority, a company, an association, a hospitality establishment or even the organizer of a private event?

We have two options for you:

Introductory show + workshop

An introductory show provides an immediate understanding of the results to be achieved in the workshop that follows. It presents not only the meditative state involved, but also the equipment to be used in the flowart workshop.


The show provides an immersive experience that will enhance learning during the workshop and inspire participants to develop their own Flow.

Single Workshop

A single workshop without show consists of 1h or 1h30 of intervention to introduce children or a public of any age to the Inner Flame Dance or flowart. Flowart consists in creating a state of symbiosis with our body and our apparatus. To achieve this, Sekhamet's workshops will aim to accompany you towards:

a state of inner letting go ;

 ◦ sufficient technique to express your flow freely without interruption.

Silk fans, dance ribbons, isis wings... Learn and develop your body language!

Events, after-school activities, works councils...

Sekhamet offers services for every occasion, whether it's a show, a workshop or both.

We can also offer extracurricular educational activities based on a variety of themes.