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Fire, Light and traditional/soft

Are you a representative of a local authority, a company, an association, a hospitality establishment or even the organizer of a private event?

We have two options for you:

Inner Flame Dance Show
on soundtrack or to accompany a live concert

For your events, give life to the music you're offering your audience: whether it's artists performing in concert or a selection of music chosen according to your theme, the Inner Flame Dance will give you guaranteed visual immersion in your soundscape.

Storytelling show

Our storytelling shows feature an immersive soundtrack of alternating music and voices, plunging you into another world for just a few minutes. These are shows where even adults become children again, as the story unfolds, illustrated by the grace of movement and the magic of props.

Customization: Possibility of creating a tailor-made storytelling show in soft or light or fire to suit your own theme. The price may vary according to the length of the show, the complexity of the soundtrack, the time required to create it, the visual theme requested and the research required to create it.


Add a touch of magic to your visitors' experience: Sekhamet offers strolls and street shows using light, fire or soft (accessories that don't light up or catch fire).

Advent Candels

A gentle Christmas show recounting the legend of the Advent Candles and their 4 Virtues. A magical moment when even adults become children again!


A fire show where you'll discover ancient beliefs and legends linked to the spirits of Fire.

Sekhamet shares with you her love story with flames, an astonishing approach where tenderness and trust result in mastery of the most unstable and dangerous natural Element in Creation.

A show that can be likened to a modern approach to Magic. A little gem that will take your heart and amaze young and old alike at your medieval, fantasy, spiritual or other events.

For the curious!

What is the "vibratory"/energetic side of this dance?

Music and intuitive dance help to clear the aura and free the body and mind. Combined, their properties are all the more interesting: music acts on neurotransmitters and creates vibrations in the aura. Imagine a plate that has been left in a salt bath until it evaporates: it's covered in salt crystals. Tapping on it will cause these crystals to loosen or even fall off. Sound acts in a similar way to tapping, setting your bodies in vibration.

By tuning in to your body, you're listening to its "innate intelligence": I call it the unconscious side of our being that allows the body to regenerate itself. The gestures she inspires will enable you to set your "crystallizations" in motion until they dissolve, allowing them to be eliminated.

If you're sensitive to energy, it's quite possible that you'll feel your interactions with your bodies, or even visualize colors as you dance! It's a magnificent Sound and Light show that can take you deep inside, offering visions that allow you to interact with your unconscious. It's a moving meditation at the interface of our physical and energetic bodies and the non-conscious base of our mind.